Field Marshall Rundstedt, Admiral Canaris, and the Jewish Engineer Who Could Have Saved Europe

Charles Fenyvesi

Helena History Press

ebook: Kindle Edition
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Page Count: 483

Between July and September 1943, emissaries from three anti-Nazi groups in Axis-controlled Europe flew to Istanbul, unbeknownst to one another yet each relying on the same pretext of conducting trade negotiations in neutral Turkey. They headed for the local address of America’s intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The Western Allies could have won the Second World War in Europe by early 1944, had they responded to the offer of these anti-Nazi German generals detailed in this book. On battlefields, in concentration camps, and in population centers, hundreds of thousands of lives, perhaps millions could have been saved. Adolf Hitler could have been taken out by his generals opposed to his dictatorship and alarmed by his fascination with Valhalla, the pagan funeral pyre burning to the ground all that was German civilization. Instead of dangling from the gallows after the last plot to kill the Führer, anti-Nazis could have composed the new government.