If you have a manuscript appropriate to our publishing program that you would like us to consider, we ask that you first submit the Manuscript Information Sheet below. You can email it to editor@helenahistorypress.com or mail it to:

Helena History Press LLC
316 California Avenue, #74
Reno, NV 89509

If we decide to pursue consideration of your project, we will request the full manuscript and send it to outside reviewers.To allow for careful consideration, we give our readers eight weeks, on average to complete their evaluation. 

If the evaluators recommend your manuscript and the Editorial Committee of Helena History Press determines that the project is a strong candidate for publication we will prepare a proposal for your review and upon acceptance of the proposal will proceed with preparing the manuscript for publication.

We make every effort to ensure that editorial decisions are made in a timely manner.

Thank you for taking the time to follow our submission and review procedures. Should you require more information, please feel free to contact us. 

Manuscript Information Sheet

Please provide the following information with your manuscript submissions:

  • Date:
  • Title of manuscript:
  • Author’s or Editor’s name (position/title):
  • Business address (phone, fax, email):
    Which address/phone is to be used for correspondence about your book?
  • Physical description of your manuscript: number of characters/words, charts, photos, etc:
  • Please provide a brief (150-200 word), plain-language summary of your manuscript. Identify your purpose in writing this book, noting the special contribution made by your work to the literature in its field. Define the major concerns and problems you address; state your solutions or findings and their implications. Tell us the compelling, unique features that would encourage a reader to purchase your book.
  • Whom do you see as the primary and secondary audiences for this book? Please be very specific, especially about course potential.
  • Please list those publications that your manuscript will be competing with. Please define in what way your proposal differs from these other publications.
  • Please give a brief biographical sketch that demonstrates your credibility as an author. Please include places and dates of education, honors received, membership in professional societies, special interest areas, other publications, title and date of dissertation, and current academic appointment, if any.
  • Have any portions of this manuscript previously appeared in print? If so, please explain fully.
  • What circumstances influenced you in deciding to submit your manuscript to us (recommendations of colleagues, suitability to our list or to a series, geographical proximity, etc.)?
  • When do you realistically propose to deliver a final typescript? What is the status of the project at the moment?
  • Have you contacted other publishers — if so, do please advise us.
  • Please suggest names of subject area specialists whose comments would assist us in evaluating your manuscript. Please provide full addresses. Do not include names of dissertation advisors, committee members, departmental colleagues, or those closely associated with you or your manuscript.

Thank you. We shall keep you informed in due time.