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Nation and Europe

János Martonyi (Hungarian Foreign Minister 1998– 2002, 2010–2014) chose not to write a memoir but instead in the past decade has penned a series of volumes based on his distinguished and pivotal role in Hungarian political life.

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My American Roadtrip

Ludányi’s recollections offer a rare and valuable contribution to our understanding of American domestic and foreign policy and American-Hungarian relations.

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Anti-Semitism in Hungary

The Anti-Semitism in Hungary: Appearance and Reality Conference was the culmination of a nearly year-long research project on the topic of anti-Semitism in Hungary today.

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A Contested Europe

Every policy has costs, not just benefits, as well as unintended consequences. The eastward enlargement of the European Union is a case in point.

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Royall Tyler and Hungary

This story of Royall Tyler is in many ways unique: an American who was almost European, who became intimately involved with Central Europe.

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Lost Prestige

the story of the formation of Hungary’s image abroad before and during World War I

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Comrade Baron

To record this unknown episode of recent history, Jaap Scholten travelled extensively in Romania and Hungary and sought out the few remaining aristocrats who experienced the night of 3 March 1949.

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