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volume 10 #1 of 2023

pages 106-109

“EU Europe, A Garden in the midst of a Jungle? An Homage to George Schöpflin”

written by Josette Baer of the University of Zurich

a review of:
“György Schöpflin, A Contested Europe, Polemics, Papers and Essays”

“In his book Schöpflin warns the European public of the ideological shifts of power and EU ideology that he had been observing in his function as MEP from 2004 to 2019. As a member of the Hungarian party FIDESZ, Schöpflin explains to the reader the intricate and complicated position of the former Communist states in Central Europe and their status as young members of the EU. His essays are enlightening, provocative, intelligent and proof of his immense knowledge of European history and European intellectual history. His book is a must-read for everybody interested in Europe and the EU, their past, present, and future.”