One of our goals at Helena History Press is to make available classics from the Hungarian historical canon that are presently not readily available in English, works that are out of print or have never been translated into English. 

We are launching this series reissuing two works of Hungarian history originally published by East European Monographs/ Social Science Monographs.  

The first two volumes released will be Thomas Sakmyster’s internationally praised biography of Admiral Miklos Horthy, Regent of Hungary: Hungary’s Admiral on Horseback, Miklos Horthy 1918-1944

Next, will be Hungarian historian Ignac Romsics’ Istvan Bethlen: A Great Conservative Statesman of Hungary: 1874-1946 Translated from the original Hungarian by Mario D. Fenyő.

And, Balazs Abloncsy’s:  Pal Teleki 1874-1941: The Life of a Controversial Hungarian Politician